Take care of your skin!!

Last week I noticed that a spot on my forehead had gotten a little darker. I called my dermatologist the following day to have it checked out. Turns out it was just a sun spot. She froze it off — no big deal. I asked her to check a mole on my neck and she said it was fine. I suggested that she check my back and when I lifted up my shirt she saw a mole that she wanted to remove. To be honest with you, I had no idea it was even there. How bad is that? She also checked my entire body {even between my toes}. Everything else looked good.

The mole was removed and sent to pathology. I received a call today and it turns out that the whole thing has to be removed. It is a moderately to severe atypical mole but is not cancerous so I feel very fortunate. I will have it cut out and will have stitches for two weeks. Not the end of the world.

After talking to a friend who happens to be a dermatologist, I am feeling much better. Thanks, Annie! If you do not happen to have a dermatologist friend, find a doctor who will give you lots of info. I felt like mine was not very helpful at all. The nurse called, threw out some very technical terms and said to have it removed. I heard “moderate to severe” and was left with shaky hands + thoughts of cancer. Thanks, lady.

My reason for writing this post is to remind you to know your body, apply sun screen and take care of your skin! Look for changes and please see your dermatologist annually. The thing I didn’t even know existed was what needed to be removed.

As sensitive as I am, there are times I will go for a walk in the sun or out to lunch and will not apply sunscreen. I do not lay out, do not go to tanning salons and tend to avoid the sun. 15-20 min of sun exposure & I’m a little pink. I had a pretty bad burn just last month. This was definitely a wake up call! If you are going to be in the sun, apply sunscreen!

Let my wake up call be your reminder to see a dermatologist!
When was the last time you had your skin checked?

+ PLEASE watch this video.

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