la + the pixie

Headed to LA with the pup on May 13. We were planning on staying 10 days but extended the trip a little bit. Was supposed to head back today but something came up…so my return was postponed. Fortunately, I am very portable & can work anywhere.

Ordered a moroccan pouf {finally!}, etsy art for the walls & throw pillows while I was away. I also ordered The Veganist + The Kind Diet. Can’t wait to see everything & try some new recipes. While I was in LA I was hired by a blogger to design her living room! I have some engagement shoots + an itty bitty baby newborn shoot coming up.

throw pillows for the living room I have been working on.

 And now for a little LA recap. In case you missed it, let’s start with the hair.

I showed the stylist Mandy’s cut as my inspiration & he gave me this. Doesn’t look similar to me but I am getting used to it. I know it’s just hair + that in a month the sides will be a little longer which was how I wanted them.

I also had a sun spot frozen off my forehead + a mole cut off my back. The sun spot was bright red but looks great. My back? Let’s just say it’s not looking so hot + that I am in pain. Enough said. Trust me.

On to better things!

 clockwise from top left
pinkberry, logan, veggie salad, jude, my old apt in sb

Met my BFF Jess & her boys for lunch at Marmalade Cafe & fro yo at Menchie’s. Also took two trips to SB to spend the day with them. I love that girl. I also love that I get a treat every time I see her. 2 trips to SB = 2 trips to Pinkberry. Never ever tire of her. Or the Pinkberry. Jess + Chris treated me to Pinkberry & dinner last week. So sweet!

Speaking of Pinkberry, rumor has it that it’s coming to Chicago this JULY! The watermelon flavor is ba-na-nas. Any chance to quote the Zoe… I did go as RZ for Halloween last year.

And speaking of Rumor Has It, how much do you love Adele?

the pup had a grand time. a puppy brownie + car rides.
how fun is the BARKardi toy? get it? bark. ardi = bacardi. genius.

Lots of X’ian. The crispy onion pancakes will change your life. I also love the power zone rice, veggie mu shu & string beans. If you are in LA, you must go.

This is a big deal for me. Last year I was a vegetarian for 6 months and fell off the wagon at X’ian when my sis + friend ordered the crispy chicken. It is that good. Faced it 2x this trip & didn’t touch it. Believe I’ve been a vegetarian {again} for 2 months now? Not really keeping track.

 did breakfast & lunch at toast. love my grilled veggie sandwich.
& are you seeing that guy’s glasses? only in LA.

malibu. and people wonder why they call it la la land.

manhattan beach

Really excited for summer in Chicago. I am ready for weekly fireworks, sandals, dresses, movies in the park, covering myself in sunscreen, street festivals, BBQs, running outside & hanging out on rooftops. AND my little sis is coming to visit next week! Can. Not. Wait.

I have chairs for my balcony but am having issues finding a little outdoor bistro table, coffee table or side table. If you have links to anything please share them with me!

Hope you are all having a great week! 
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