Wear your street suit.

I spent last Friday – Monday in LA. The weather was amazing! 80s & sunny all weekend. Drove down to the Malibu Country Mart, did a little shopping, got a not so little sunburn, had a BBQ with the fam, spent time with great aunt Rose & got to see one of my best friends & her boys. Friends watched the pup for me. Nothing like an excited pup to greet you after a few days away.

After {barely} surviving my first winter in Chicago I have a whole new appreciation for the weather in LA. Hoping that humidity in Chicago won’t kill me this summer.

Fun with Logan & Jude!
{Jude has a little frozen yogurt on his face. Love him.}

Fun with the fam. My mom was in the kitchen & refused to take pics with us.
Thanks, mom!

 Fave great Aunt Rose moments:
1. I walked out in a gray dress. Rose looks at me and says “This suit. Is it a street suit?” The waist is cinched so she somehow thought I was in a two piece suit. And not just any suit. A street suit.
2. I was taking photos and she said “You should sleep with your camera. Between this and your raspberry {meaning blackberry — and for the record, I have an iPhone} you’re always busy with something.

She’s the fiercest 92 year old I know.
 A “mini” Pinkberry, Malibu, my epic sunburn & nails with mom.
Always wear your sunscreen, kids!

Have a great weekend!


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