Jodee in Chicago.

Well, this is a little late — but better late than never, right?

One of my best friends arrived in Chicago just in time for some of the most disgusting weather I have seen to date. Thanks for that, Chicago. Really. Jodee lives in SF so she’s used to a little fog. But still — we could have used some warmer weather. A north face & gloves? Unacceptable. My weather obsession is out of control.

The day after she left we had highs in the 80s. I wore a dress & flip flops. Figures…doesn’t it?

 Are you seeing this fog? Gross.
My friend/neighbor Brandon drove me to the airport to get Jodee.
{Wish I had a car but neighbors/friends with cars are the next best thing}
Ordered deep dish from Lou Malnatis.
 Went to a bar with friends.


Lunch at Hub 51
Cloud Gate aka The Bean
Michigan Avenue
Shopping on Armitage in Lincoln Park
A little lounging at the apartment
Dinner at Luxbar 

we are the only two people in the bean! amazing.


Massage with C
Lunch at Portillos with C
{Jodee really wanted a Chicago hot dog. I’ve been here 8 months and still haven’t had one}
Dinner at Zocalo with C & Annie
Met up with a few friends at Gilt Bar

Loved having 2 of my bist girls together.
And no. That isn’t a typo. Maybe I’ll explain someday.
And of course — they loved each other.

Me, Jodee, Annie & C


Breakfast at Pierro Gourmet with C & Raj
{followed by dessert – a berry tart, strawberry pistachio tart & macaroons}
Shopping on Michigan Avenue
{yes. again.}

Time to go 🙁

‘Twas a lovely weekend with one of my favorite girls.
It went by way too quickly.

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