Rest in peace, sweet Dexter.

We put Dexter to sleep yesterday. I spent 24 hours laying with him. We cuddled, he purred & licked my nose, I gave him some of his favorite treats & I cried a lot. I miss him so much and am absolutely devastated right now. I did somehow find the strength in the moment to hold him, pet him and watch him drift off as the vet put him to sleep. I completely broke down once he was gone but was there for Dex & that is all that matters.

My heart feels like it has been shattered into a million pieces. I am so sad.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all of the love, support, emails, texts, etc… it means more to me than I can possibly begin to explain.

With love,


  • jillian :: cornflake dreams.

    i am SO SO SO sorry for your loss
    🙁 just know that he is in a better place and isnt in any pain. xoxo jcd

  • Kori

    I'm so sorry honey…it is so hard to lose a pet..Prayers coming your way. Kori xoxo

  • Belle on Heels

    i don't even know what to say except that i've been there and it's the absolute pits. i'm so sorry for your loss.

  • Andrea

    Ohhhhhh I'm so sorry! I know how that feels. That's great you were able to be there with him.

  • Emily

    I'm so heartbroken for you and your loss. Many don't understand the amount of love and value our pets are to us, and how they truly are an extension of us, they are our family. I'm hoping and praying that the sadness of this moment will be overshadowed by the many wonderful memories of your little Dex. Be strong!

  • JenLynn

    So sorry. At least you got to spend one last great day with him.


    i am so sorry to hear about your baby cat 🙁 hopefully he is up in kitty heaven with no more pain!


  • aapuzzanchera

    I am so sorry to hear about your kitty! It's so great that you were able to be with him before he passed. Take care!

  • Mel

    Very sorry for you loss, Danielle. Hugs to you.

  • Mo Pie, Please

    So sorry for your loss, Danielle. I'm sure that he was so happy to have you there with him in his final moments. He's in kitty heaven now, right where he belongs!

  • Stephanie Shepherd

    Sorry to hear of your loss Danielle. I wish you strength in the memories!

  • Lauren

    Thinking of you, friend!!! Love you!!!

  • Priscilla Francine Makeup

    oh I am sooo sorry.

  • Betsy

    These posts make me cry! I haven't had to put any of our pets down (yet), so I can only imagine… but it upsets me to even think about what that day will eventually be like. I am so sorry for the loss of your kitty. You DO have some beautiful pictures to remember him by though :). He is precious.

  • 40daykedge

    I'm so sorry honey, I hope that your sadness goes away soon (of course not too soon, because grieving is a natural process). I am glad you got to spend some time cuddling with him.

  • {av} | {long distance loving}

    to say I understand your pain is an absolute understatement…we lost our little Lucy just three weeks ago. She died in my arms at home…and I only wish I could have had the chance to say goodbye. Savor your memories with your sweet Dexter. He won't ever leave your heart. Hang in there–and I'm here if you need anything. xoxo {av}

  • Beth’s Blog

    I am really sorry for your loss.

  • Helena – A Diary of Lovely

    I lost my puppy years ago and I remember it as a devastating experience, sending you lots of love Danielle xo

  • Melisande

    i am so so sorry for your loss. losing a pet is terrible. feel better soon 🙂

  • Laurie

    I've been thinking of you all day long, Danielle, hoping that you'd have some special time with Dexter before saying goodbye. I'm so glad you were able to be there, and I'm sure he was too!

  • taylor

    so sorry to hear the sad news danielle. i hope you can enjoy spending some time with your cute dog when you get back to chicago.

  • Thomasina

    I'm so sorry for your loss D. You are in my prayers hun.

  • Dawn

    sendin you {{lots of hugs}}…xoxo

  • Randall @ Happy For This Moment

    Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about Dexter. Sweet kitties are the best. I hope you are feeling better soon and know that he is at total peace and in comfort.

  • Lori

    I'm so sorry Danielle. Reading this put a big lump in my throat and made me teary. I'm sorry this is happening, I know how much fur-babies mean….so glad you had special time with him and that you could be there for him.

  • Quietangelsb

    Words can't even begin to express how sorry I am for your loss. Thinking about you during this tough time.

  • sophieh

    Sorry for your loss. How lucky Dexter was to have you there. So happy you were able to have that special time.

  • kay*(from india.with love)

    i'm so sorry for your loss but am glad that you could be there for dexter to give him some comfort in his final moments. i'm sure he felt your love and how much he was loved – that is the best thing i think.

  • {Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine

    I'm so incredibly sorry D. It is so hard to lose a pet so I'm sending you lots and lots of hugs over. Thinking of you.


  • Jana

    Your little Dexter was a beautiful cat! I am so sorry for your loss.. at least you know she had a great life with you and was very loved while she was here…

  • Jana

    I mean he had a great life…not she 🙂

  • katie

    So sorry for your loss – it is obvious from your blog how much you love your pets and can't imagine what you are going through right now. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  • TheOwenOpus

    So sorry for your loss. I too love my cat so much and was so sad reading your post. I believe all animals go to heaven since they are like angels to us on Earth! Dex is up there now eating loads of treats and bounding across clouds!

  • Bourg Family

    I'm so sorry. It's so hard to lose a pet.

  • Joy Graham

    Sorry for your loss-

  • Deb

    I'm so sorry for your loss, Danielle. Losing your pet is like losing a family member. Prayers to you.

  • Amanda

    I can't imagine how you're feeling. I'll keep you in my prayers as you grieve the loss of a beloved friend. I know how special pets are – part of the family for sure.

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