Update on Dex. Horrible news…

Another update – I am at my mom’s house with Dexter right now. He doesn’t look great but is so happy I am here. As I write this he is snuggling next to me and purring. I spoke with 2 other vets and there isn’t anything we can do. I just cannot wrap my mind around putting a sweet & loving 2 year old cat to sleep.

Thank you all so much for all your love and support. I am going to get back to focusing on Dexter. I have until tomorrow afternoon with him and plan to take in every moment that I can. He is such a sweet boy. This is breaking my heart.

Update – leaving for the airport in 30 min. We will put him down late tomorrow or Wed and I’ll fly back Wed afternoon. PLEASE think good thoughts for me. I will be the one holding him as the vet puts him to sleep and it’s going to crush me. I am an absolute mess but know I won’t be near the blog for a little while. If you have a pet you can imagine my devastation. I thought I was doing what was best leaving him in LA so he could be with his kitty friend {Milo} but the guilt for not bringing him to Chicago is killing me. 

I just spoke with the vet & Dexter does have FIP. I may fly home today to spend time with him & then have him put to sleep at the house. He is not in pain but I want to be the one to monitor him and need to say goodbye.

I wish that I felt differently but I am very angry right now. Dexter is such a sweet little guy & is so young. I just feel so sad & guilty right now. I wish I had brought him to Chicago. He could have had 8 months here with me. I always try to stay positive but right now I’m just not there.

I’ll keep you updated but as of right now it looks like I’ll be heading to LA today. I had a trip booked two weeks from now so I am working on changing my flights. Thank you for your comments yesterday. They mean so much to me.

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