1 year, 6 months & a blizzard.

1 year ago today, I boarded a plane to sublease an apartment in Chicago. I had spent a total of 3 days in this city but knew there was something special about Chicago.
6 months ago today, I boarded a plane to move to Chicago. I signed a lease, packed up all my things {& the pup} and prepared to start life in a new city. I cannot believe it’s been half a year.
In the past 6 months, I have made some amazing friends. I made a best friend. The kind that you talk to every single day who brings you your favorite veggie burger when you’re sick {love you, c. mean it.}. I saw a movie in the park. The pup & I faced {and are still facing} our first real winter. I experienced my first white Christmas. I made a snow angel. I threw a holiday party. I went sledding for the first time. I got the flu {& my neighbors took turns walking the pup for me}. Have I mentioned that I really love my neighbors? Because I do.

And in typical Chicago style, the city is celebrating this day with a blizzard.
My first blizzard.

Clockwise from top left.
First trip to the farmer’s market with anne | trump with c & kelly | randolph street market with anne | sledding with c | my first snow | public house with c | goebbert’s pumpkin farm | the bean with jess & baby jude

One year ago today I embarked on a little month long adventure that would change my life forever. I do not have it all figured out but I am happier than I have ever been. I was so afraid of boarding that plane a year ago & I was even more terrified when I packed up everything to move to Chicago 6 months ago, but Feb 1, 2010 and August 1, 2010 were two of the best days of my life. They were the beginning of more happiness than I could imagine.

I may not have any blood relatives here but I after just 6 months here I feel like I have my own little family. I moved in search of a great city with nice people & found it in Chicago. I am home.

Happy 6 months, Chicago. And happy 1 year, too.

Now bring on the blizzard. I’m ready.

And then bring on the spring. Because I am really over the cold.

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