Time to start my life.


My mom left Chicago yesterday, so I am officially on my own, 2000 miles away from where my life used to be. It is scary, wonderful, and liberating.

My new city

My dresser arrived a few hours before my mom left. I fell in love with the dresser when I first saw it, and fell even harder when I opened the drawers to see that they were the perfect blue.


I relaxed for a few hours and got ready to head to EPIC with a friend & a group of her friends. We started on the rooftop and got a table downstairs for a very late dinner. Great food & great wine.

Some really cheesy guy in a vest at the table next to us {very obviously} had a thing for my friend. He looked at her and said “Are those red bottom shoes? Because if you were my girl I’d buy you a house full of red bottom shoes.” {He was referring to Christian Louboutin, if you missed that one.} “Shoe Guy” then offered to fly all of us to Vegas or Florida. Cheesy. Do girls really fall for that?

I ordered my TV stand and coffee table from Ballard Designs. The TV stand should come this week! I cannot wait to get my TV off the floor. The coffee table is back ordered, so I should have it in a month.

coffee table {left} tv console {right}

Today I met up with my friend Taylor for lunch and shopping. I had a great time, and can’t wait to see her again soon. I think I’ve found my new shopping buddy. We are going to have to find something else to do, because I need to not do any shopping for a while. I did pretty well today. I got a really cute tank {on sale} at J. Crew, and found an adorable Tiffany blue Chantal tea kettle at Marshalls for just $25! I was looking for this exact color, and love how it looks sitting out on my stove.

The apartment is really coming together. I {mostly} have all the big pieces in here, and now get to work on accessorizing! Next on my list is finding some great throw pillows, fabric for bar stool cushions & fabric for a new slipcover for my headboard.

I am absolutely exhausted. I just woke up from a nice long nap, took the pup out for a little walk, and am off to cuddle with the pup & watch some TV. I am finally getting back to work {and the gym} tomorrow, and am looking forward to my new routine in my new town!

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