Oh, Rosie.

Had another chat with the infamous Great Aunt Rose. I love this woman. I will try to continue to posts our chats here because she is just so funny!

So Rosie {btw — we never call her Rosie to her face. Only when talking about her, because it’s fun} loves DWTS, and Grey’s Anatomy. I do not watch DWTS so we cannot discuss it. But — I was all about getting her prepped for the Grey’s finale. Once that airs, I need to devote a post to my shows. Between Gossip Girl and Bros & Sisters, I feel like I’ve lost a piece of my heart. So much to discuss. Annnnnd — I saw the first 10 min of Grey’s on Perez. There was some serious overreacting over here. Lots of gasping. Loud gasping.

Anyway! I was filling Rose in on a few things, and it turns out she had no idea that Derek and Meredith were married and didn’t know that George left the show. I told her he left and she was sure that he came back. I assured her that he had died and that he would not be coming back. And in her defense, Mer and Der never had a real wedding. They got married on a post-it. Weird, right?

Rose: There’s another one. I think she’s Asian. She likes the black man.
Me: Yes, Cristina is Asian and she did like Burke. But he left a few years ago.
Rose: I think he left because he had trouble with the small one.
Me: George?
Rose: No. The man that is shorter than everyone else.
Me: George.

She cannot remember anyone other than Derek and Meredith. I honestly have no idea how she watches this show.

This was kind of amazing:

Rose: Today is Wednesday?
Me: No. Today is Tuesday.
Rose: So in the morning it will be Wednesday.
Me: Yes. That’s how it works.
Rose: What time do the days end? Midnight?
Me: Yes.
Rose: So it’s Wednesday?
Me: No. It’s Tuesday.
Rose: I have news for you. I took a nap and woke up at 4:00.

Haha. Love it.

A few more things:

I can’t hear you. You’re not talking in to the mouthpiece.
I love that she calls it that.

Then we got to talking about Chicago.

Rose: I don’t know how you’re going to handle it with the dog but that’s going to be your problem.
Me: Complete silence.
Rose: Do you really think you can handle being alone with a dog?
Me: Yes. He’s my best friend.

And some advice for when I go out:

Rose: I told you to never leave your glass when you go to the bathroom and don’t let them pour anything while you aren’t looking? {she doesn’t want anyone to drug me.}
Me: Yes.
Rose: In fact, don’t drink. Who needs it? And make sure the cab driver waits until you get in the front door.

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