My great aunt is sassy and I love her.

I had a late night phone session with 91 {92 in August} year old great aunt Rose tonight. I sat here typing key points of the conversation because I love her Rose-isms. She was asking who I got free calls with on my cell and then went on a rant about how much she hates A.T&T. She doesn’t want to leave A.T&T because she’s worried that she won’t be able to remember a new phone number. She also thinks that no one needs any extra features for their phones, and said that she gets along better without any “frou frou” around her. Love it.

I’m not sure what features she’s talking about. She doesn’t even have {nor does she know how to work} a VCR, so I cannot imagine she knows much about phone features. She has mastered call waiting. Go Rosie.

She’s random
Aunt Rose: Do you have your own silverware? {she asked this out of nowhere}
Me: Yes
Aunt Rose: What is it? Like a set?
Me: Yes.

Are there any other options?

She’s wise
It’s a big step when you leave your home and you go on your own. That’s why you’re afraid. But once you get used to it you’re not afraid anymore. You’re going to have to be completely on your own and whatever you have to do; it’s only you that decides it. That’s not true. You can always get on the telephone and get advice.

Said in one run on sentence.

She’s opinionated
{talking about my sister’s prom dress} Is she keeping that green dress? What I was thinking is maybe if she had a different brassiere, maybe it would fit better on top. If you get a good brassiere that fits properly, sometimes it does something to the top that it helps. I was going to speak to your mother about it because it’s a nice dress, isn’t it?

Then I told her she was funny and she started cracking up and said “I laugh at myself sometimes.”

She has lived

I still have my marbles for thinking but I don’t have it for remembering. I don’t take it to heart anymore. I just accept it.

Oh, how I love her.

She’s really funny
This is also funny. When talking to Aunt Rose, I have to refer to my blog design business as “#1” and scrapbook line as “#2”. She has NO IDEA what I do, so she’ll ask how #1 is going when she wants to know if I am getting orders. So when I referred to my scrapbook kits as #2 she lost it and started laughing hysterically. She finally calmed down and said “you’re thinking like me.” Then she goes “#2 thing. That’s the one with the boy? Your partnership with the fellow?” {referring to the guy I met in Chicago that I am doing WordPress and web design with}.

We decided my work with “the fellow” is now #3. Should make for some interesting conversations.

She tells it like it is
{talking about me & my sisters} Jessica has a mouthpiece and she’s not afraid to use it.

So true.

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