San Antonio!

I will be heading to SA to visit my friend Jill this December. She wrote up a little itinerary {with commentary} so I wanted to share it with all of you.

D’s San Antonio Visit

Day 1

~I’ll pick you up from the airport.

~We’ll stop by Hobby Lobby so you can experience its delight & beauty! We’ll buy fabric and supplies for the apron project. Hobby Lobby usually has online coupons for 40% off one item. I’ll print a coupon for you. (Note- if you’re tired from the flight we can go to Hobby Lobby the next day)

~We’ll get some take out for dinner or I can make salads at home. Do you like Tomato Basil Soup?

Day 2

~Since we’re not morning people, we’ll have a late breakfast downtown. The Guenther House bakes and assembles the largest gingerbread house in Texas and displays it during the Holidays. You’ll love it!

~If we want to get in a little exercise in after breakfast, there is an awesome neighborhood next to the Guenther House called the King William District. I have a map with a walking tour, if we do the entire walk it’s about an hour. The homes are huge, unique, old, and interesting. I think you’ll like them and it’s a good way to walk off breakfast.

~We’ll pick up one of your favorite treats, churros, at Eva Longoria’s favorite Mexican Food restaurant, Mi Tierra’s. Market Square is next to Mi Tierra’s, so we should take a quick walk through Market Square. They sell authentic Mexican goods. It’s a good place to take a few photos. I can see it now… you in a sombrero.

~We can stop by Central Market to pick up groceries for making dinner and Christmas baking. Central Market is similar to Whole Foods but better and so fun!

~If we missed Hobby Lobby on Wednesday night or you’re dying to go back, we can make another trip

~Spend the evening at home watching Christmas movies, making dinner, and/or making the surprise Christmas craft I have planned for you.

Day 3

~Sleep late because we’re not morning people

~We should have a low key day. Maybe… Bake Christmas desserts, have lunch, and possibly another trip to Hobby Lobby

~Leave around 5:30 for Bracken Village

~Bracken Village for Charles Dicken’s Christmas. 6:30-10:00, ($7.00 entry fee)

Day 4

~Late morning probably around 10:30-11:00 (because we’re not morning people), we’ll go to my mom’s house for our lesson on sewing an apron.

~evening/night- Just hang around the townhouse because we’re not party girls and we’re kinda boring. However, I’m sure there will be Christmas concerts and plays in town. I’ll let you know.

Day 5

~Late afternoon/early evening- The Alamo and Riverwalk. Even though it’s anti-climatic, you have to see the Alamo. It will only take 2 minutes but you should get a photo. The Alamo will have a gigantic decorated Christmas tree in the courtyard.

~We’ll take boat ride on the Riverwalk to see the Christmas lights! I’ve never done a boat ride at Christmas, can you believe that? Have dinner (probably Mexican) and margaritas on the Riverwalk.

Day 6

~Sleep late

~We can visit La Canterra, a cute outdoor mall and possibly have lunch there.

~ Take you to the airport

*Side Notes-

Anything on the official itinerary can be adjusted. I just want to make sure you get to experience all that San Antonio has to offer.

Bring your workout shoes and workout clothes. We can walk at a nearby track. I also have a treadmill and weights. We can also do a workout video on “On Demand.”

I only planned 2-3 meals out. We’ll play everything else by ear. I’m open to everything cooking, take out, and eating out a few times. Lucky for you we’re not in Houston, one of my top 2 eating out cities in the U.S. (the other is Chicago).

What do you drink? Water, orange juice, pina coladas, margaritas? I always like to have drinks for my guests.

Isn’t Jill the best?! {I wrote this part by the way.} It would have been really funny if she had written that at the end 😉

  • Jo Whitehurst

    Just before the Riverwalk, you need to have some cheesecake at Schilo's! (They also have great food, but, if you eat the cheesecake, you'll not have room for anything else.)

  • Kimberly

    That sounds like so much fun!!! I went to San Antonio with my parents when I was 17 and had the best time. Lots to see and do.

  • Jill

    Yay!!! I love the end of the year. I can't wait for your visit! SAT is so fun during the Holidays!

  • amazeingteacher

    sounds so fun!! i won't dwell on the fact that…i'm jealous!! have a great time!!

  • Brittany

    Sounds amazing! Hobby Lobby is the best!!

  • Wearing Mascara

    Can I come? 🙂

    Someday, I WILL get out there 🙂


  • Kari

    How sweet of her! I love that Hobby Lobby is on the list more than once! I went for the first time ever when I was in GA. I would have LOVED to go more than once! It sounds like you both will have a great time!

  • Silla

    Wow what a cool friend, sounds like she's got a great itinerary planned for you guys 🙂 I visited San Antonio and spent about a week there and enjoyed it. Only got into the actual downtown part once I think.. me and my friend visited the Alamo then walked the Riverwalk and had a look at some of the stores and then had Mexican for dinner. Was pretty at night with the lights. I was wanting to go up the Tower of Americas but it was foggy that day. But yeah, SA is a nice city 🙂


  • Lauren Kelly

    Girl, this should be a fabulous trip!!!!! 🙂

  • Stace

    sounds like a great time!! I gotta get myself down to san antonio some time, especially near christmas!

  • Kate

    I love this because it is SO TRUE. I can totally hear Jill saying these things (and your commentary too, haha)

  • Future Mama

    This is great and all but I think she needs to add VISITING AUSTIN to the list! It IS the state capital you know, and maybe I can treat yall to lunch, or a cupcake at the famous Hey Cupcake stand!

  • In this wonderful life…

    this is GREAT! You girls are going to have so much fun! Can't wait to hear about it and see pics!!

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